Saturday, January 30, 2010

Test Case Manager Lite

Do you develop and test software...if so you may often run into these questions...

1. Are we ready to ship?
2. How much longer will it take to test?
3. If we release now, what is our exposure (lack of test coverage)?
4. Are we systematically regression testing existing functionality, or adhoc testing differently each time?
5. Are we capturing every bug in a test case to prevent recurrence?
6. How is our quality trending from test cycle to test cycle?
7. Do we have proven written test cases on which to start automating?

Just released TCMLite as a free, simple, highly configurable test case management tool enabling you to better answer these questions. Use TCMLite to design, write, and execute your test cases. Your entire test team can concurrently access the same test case repository (XLS file) using Excel's "shared workbooks" feature (Help section 1.4).

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