Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beta Release of MSSQL.DataMask

I've been buried for 3 months spending all spare time creating MSSQL.DataMask.  Just released it in beta for feedback.  Will go through several weeks of testing and bug fixing.

Download from: http://www.wintestgear.com/products/MSSQLDataMask/MSSQLDataMask.html

Description: If you need rich test data to develop, test, or outsource your project, you've probably tried either generating from scratch, or cloning from production data. Auto-generating the test data is difficult and error prone for all but the simplest databases due to complex variances, frequencies, and data interdependencies. Business and legal obligations such as HIPAA require that production data clones be thoroughly sanitized of protected personal or health information.

MSSQL.DataMask is a simple, free tool that will quickly sanitize a clone of your production database into a safe, secure test database. Once built, the process is easily repeatable to refresh your test data from production. You can either load and re-run a set of data masks from the application, or generate a fully documented tSQL script to modify, run, or schedule as your needs dictate.

Scrub: Overwrite all rows of a column with the "same value"
• Scrub.Null: Overwrite with null
• Scrub.EmptyString: Overwrite with empty string ("")
• Scrub.FixedString: Overwrite with a text you enter
• Scrub.Zero: Overwrite with zero (0)
• Scrub.FixedNumber: Overwrite with a number you enter
• Scrub.FixedDate: Overwrite with a date/time you enter

Substitute: Overwrite all rows of a column with a "unique value"
• Substitute.LoremGibberish: Overwrite with a random lorem ipsum gibberish text (retains original size)
• Substitute.GUID: Overwrite with a random GUID (16-character text only)
• Substitute.RandomNumber: Overwrite with a random number between min/max points you specify
• Substitute.RowNumber: Overwrite with a row number (and text you specify if n/varchar)
• Substitute.FromList: Overwrite with a random selection from value list you specify

Transform: Overwrite all rows of a column with an "obsfucated original value"
• Transform.Scramble: Overwrite with scrambled original value (encrypt, then truncate at initial length)
• Transform.Hash: Overwrite with hashed original value (MD5, always 16-bytes)
• Transform.Prefix/Suffix: Prefix and suffix original value (with text you specify, can leave blank)
• Transform.Find/Replace: Find & Replace text within original value (you enter find/replace text)
• Transform.AsteriskMask: Overwrite first (n) characters with asterisks (like credit card statements)
• Transform.ShuffleRecords: Randomly shuffle all rows within column (my favorite for most test data)
• Transform.NumericVariance: Randomly de/increment original numeric value by percent you select
• Transform.DateVariance: Randomly de/increment original date value by number days you select
• Transform.DateTimeVariance: Randomly de/increment original date & time values by your selections
• Transform.Truncate: Cutoff original value at character length you specify

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